Quick Attach Snow Blade Mount

SB200DM Quick Attach Snow Blade Mount

SB2000DM Features

  • QTach from blade to snow blade mount is standard
  • Mounts available for most makes, call dealer for details

HLA2DM Features

  • Angle and lift hydraulics
  • Cross over relief valve – protects blade and tractor
  • Radial hydraulic lift
  • Lateral Float: allows blade to follow ground contours
  • Mounting hardware and hose kits included

The SB2000DM Snow Blade Mount is designed to work exclusively with the HLA2DM mounting option for the SB1000 & 2000 series snow blades.

The undermount is securely connected to both the front and rear of your tractor chassis. The force is distributed through the mount from the front providing incredible pushing strength.

The single pin QTach design allows for uncomplicated mounting and dismounting of the snow blade. Available for most makes, the SB2000DM mount with HLA2DM mounting option includes all hardware and hose kits allowing for easy installation.


Model Part # Weight (lbs.)
SB2000DM Quick Attach Snow Blade Mount SB2000DM 400
Optional Factory Blade Installation - SB2000DM SB2000IN