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3530W SnowPusher


Part # Approx. Weight (LBS.) Length (Closed / Open) Mouldboard Height Max Operating Weight (LBS.)
SP3530W611 1,390 72" / 132" 30" 13,000
SP3530W712 1,465 84" / 144" 30" 13,000
SP3530W813 1,545 96" / 156" 30" 13,000
SP3530W914 1,615 108" / 168" 30" 13,000
SP3530W1015 1,690 120" / 180" 30" 13,000


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  • 2 Year Warranty Feature

    2 Year Warranty

    Designed for harsh conditions, HLA Snow backs its 3000, 4000, 5000, and 6000 series blades with a 2 Year Commercial Warranty.

  • Lateral Float Feature

    Lateral Float

    Oscillating Mount Feature Video Link

    Allows blade to follow ground contours for better clearing performance.

  • Replaceable, Reversible Cutting Edge Feature

    Replaceable, Reversible Cutting Edge

    Our cutting edges are designed to be easily replaceable and are reversible to give you twice the life.

    Note: Replace endcaps along with cutting edges to prevent streaming.

    Currently not available on wings.

    (non Edge Flex only)

  • Adjustable Skid Shoes Feature

    Adjustable Skid Shoes

    Allows you to set cutting depth for optimum performance and prolonged cutting edge life.

  • Rotary Actuators Feature

    Rotary Actuators - PATENTED

    Rotary Actuator Feature Video Link

    These rugged units come from the construction industry and deliver up to 21,000 in. lbs of torque at 3000 PSI to hold the wings in place.

  • Spring Trip Cutting Edge Feature

    Spring Trip Cutting Edge

    Spring Trip Feature Video Link

    Allows cutting edge to trip back if struck by hidden object limiting damage.

  • Single Electric Selector Valve Feature

    Single Electric Selector Valve

    Allows the control of each wing to be operated independently. 12V or 24V coils available. Includes in cab mount electro-hydraulic harness kit.

  • Edge Flex Models

    Edge Flex Models

    Edge Flex Feature Video Link

    Available in Edge Flex.


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