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Part # Approx. Weight (LBS.) Clearing Width Straight Clearing Width Veed Clearing Width Scooped Road Clearance Angled Mouldboard Height Max Operating Weight (LBS.)
SB3600V54 695 54" 51" 39" 48" 30" 10,000
SB3600V60 720 60" 56" 43" 53" 30" 10,000
SB3600V66 740 66" 61" 48" 58" 30" 10,000
SB3600V72 765 72" 66" 53" 63" 30" 10,000
SB3600V78 785 78" 71" 58" 68" 30" 10,000
SB3600V84 805 84" 76" 63" 73" 30" 10,000


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  • 2 Year Warranty Feature

    2 Year Warranty

    Designed for harsh conditions, HLA Snow backs its 3000, 4000, 5000, and 6000 series blades with a 2 Year Commercial Warranty.

  • Replaceable, Reversible Cutting Edge Feature

    Replaceable Steel Cutting Edge

    Our cutting edges are designed to be easily replaceable.

    Note: Replace endcaps along with cutting edges to prevent streaming.

    Currently not available on wings.

    (non Edge Flex only)

  • Spring Trip Cutting Edge Feature

    Spring Trip Cutting Edge

    Allows cutting edge to trip back if struck by hidden object limiting damage.

  • 35° Angle with Crossover Relief Valve Protection Feature

    35° Angle with Crossover Relief Valve Protection

    Allows the blade to be rotated 35° in either direction, while the cross over relief valve protects from structural damage to either the machine or property.

  • Lateral Float Feature

    Lateral Float

    Allows blade to follow ground contours for better clearing performance.

  • Single Electric Selector Valve Feature

    Single Electric Selector Valve

    Single Electric Selector Valve. Allows the control of each side of the Six-Way blade to be operated independently. 12V or 24V coils available. Includes in cab mount electro-hydraulic harness kit.

  • 5/8" AR600 Cutting Edge Feature

    5/8" AR600 Cutting Edge

    Features tough AR600 steel, measuring at 5/8" thick for a durable cutting edge to last even longer.

  • High Tensile AR400 Skid Shoes Feature

    AR400 Skid Shoes

    Includes abrasion and wear-resistant AR400 skid shoes.

  • Quick Attach Frame Kits Available Feature

    Quick Attach Frame Kits

    Quick attach frame kits available for most makes. Call dealer for details.


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