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SB5QDM Quick Attach Snow Blade Mount

The HLA Quick Attach Snow Blade Mount is securely connected to both the front and rear of your tractor. Relying on the rear of the mount, the force is pushed through the drawbar from the front of the mount providing incredible pushing strength. Also using parallel linkage, you can rest assured that the blade will always remain parallel to the ground whether it’s raised for stacking snow or at full angle.

The quick release design relies on front and rear adapter brackets fitted to the tractors chassis. With the hydraulics connected, down pressure on the blade allows you to raise the undermount aligning it with the front bracket. Once engaged reversing the pressure raises the rear of the undermount locking it into the rear bracket.

Available for most makes, the undercarriage mount includes all hardware, hose kits and electro - hydraulic wire kit allowing for easy installation.


Model Part # Weight (lbs.)
SB5QDM Quick Attach Snow Blade Mount less Mount Kit SB5QDMQF 1,500
SB5QDM Quick Attach Undermount Mount Kit Contact HLA for Tractor Listing Variable
Optional Hydraulic Top Link Kit for SB5QDMQF SB5QDMHTLK 55
Optional Factory Blade Installation - SB5QDM Series SB5000IN

Power & Control

More +
  • Heavy Duty Parallel Linkage Feature

    Heavy Duty Parallel Linkage

    Heavy duty parallel linkage for optimum lifting height.

  • J R B 416 Euro Quick Fit Plate Feature

    JRB416 Industrial Quick Attach

    JRB416 Industrial quick attach for attachments is standard.

  • Mounting Hardware Feature

    Mounting Hardware

    Package includes all mounting hardware and hose kits.

  • Electro-Hydraulic Harness Feature

    Electro-Hydraulic Harness

    Electro-hydraulic harness kit is standard.

  • Mount Kits Feature

    Mount Kits

    Mount kits available for most makes, call dealer for details.

  • Soft Ride Accumulator Feature

    Soft Ride Accumulator

    Soft ride accumulator standard.

Quick Release System

Parallel Vertical Lift

  • Remains Parallel Feature

    Remains Parallel

    Blade remains parallel to ground even at full angle and raised.

  • Extra Height Feature

    Extra Height

    Extra height for piling snow.