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Cutting Edge

The second generation edge flex system is on display showing a cutting edge section tilted highlighting the 5 degrees of tilt each cutting edge section can travel. Normally non-visible parts of the cutting edge section are transparent to show the workings of the Edge Flex system.


  • 1.5" Vertical Travel
  • 5 Degrees Tilt
  • Rubber Block Suspension
  • Cutting Edge
  • Bushings
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Ride the Edge

The second generation of Edge Flex technology from HLA Snow builds on the first with the added benefits of reduced friction, custom machined parts, and a more enclosed system that prevents debris from entering into the cutting edge system.

The redesigned Edge Flex system has the travel slot on the cutting edge carrier rather than the cutting edge itself, allowing the edge to move up and down as a unit with the sealed rubber suspension retainer plate. This directs ice, snow, or aggregate debris up the mouldboard rather than enter into the cutting edge friction area, keeping it clean for smooth and effortless clearing of your lot or drive.

Plowing with an EdgeFlex is easy; just lay the blade down and run. While you worry about blade placement and controlling the direction of the flowing snow, HLA’s EdgeFlex technology works its way across the surface, adapting to the contours for cleaner results.

Series Type Widths
3000 Snow Blade / Angle Blade 6'-10'
4000 Snow Blade / Angle Blade 9'-14'
5000 Snow Blade / Angle Blade 9'-16'
6000 Snow Blade / Angle Blade 10'-20'
3500 Snow Pusher 7'-12'
3530W Snow Pusher with Wings 6'-10'
4500 Snow Pusher 10'-14'
5500 Snow Pusher 9'-16'
5505 Snow Pusher 10'-18'
6500 Snow Pusher 10'-20'
3230W SnowWing with 2.5 foot wings 6'-10'
4203W SnowWing with 3 foot wings 8'-14'
4205W SnowWing with 5 foot wings 8'-14'
5203W SnowWing with 3 foot wings 9'-16'
5205W SnowWing with 5 foot wings 9'-16'
6205W SnowWing with 5 foot wings 10'-20'